Upper School Awards and Honors Ceremony

Students celebrated for their 22-23 achievements
On Tuesday, April 25 at the Upper School Award and Honors Ceremony, well-deserving students were honored for their achievements this school year. Among the awards given, Malia Davis was officially named Valedictorian of the Class of 2023.

Congratulations to these students:

English 9th GradeHailey Mayo
English 10th GradeScarlett Durisek
English 11th GradeAnnabelle Wu
The Shannon Wiley Outstanding Achievement in English Award for 12th GradeCatie Sellers
History & Social Science 9th GradeSimon Schapiro
History & Social Science 10th GradeLara Dogan
History & Social Science 11th GradeCarlos Calderon
Outstanding Achievement in History & Social Science for 12th GradeMegan Day
Frederick Douglass Susan B. AnthonyCaroline Dylewski
World Language 9th Grade FrenchHailey Mayo
World Language 10th Grade FrenchLaura Henriquez
World Language 11th Grade FrenchSelin Dalkiran
World Language 9th Grade SpanishKianna Naolu
World Language 10th Grade SpanishNatasha Machnizh
World Language 11th Grade SpanishKrishna Venugopal
Outstanding Achievement in World Language for 12th GradeSofia Mena Padilla
The Senior Spanish AwardMateo Castillo
The David Timms French AwardMia Rogani
Science 9th GradeVivian Qin
Science 10th GradeMaddie Burchfiel
Science 11th GradeKaden Davis
Science 12th GradeAndrew Burchfiel
The Tina Davies Outstanding Achievement in Science Award for 12th GradeMobis Bassir
Rensselaer Award (Jr. Math & Science)Aditya Pakal
University of Chicago Pritzker Engineer AwardAlyssa Kuang
Math 9th GradeLauren Kim
Math 10th GradePloy Phasuk
Math 11th GradeTim Lu
Math 12th GradeFlora Johnson
The Kim Larance Outstanding Achievement Award in MathematicsSafee Baig
Interact Volunteer of the Year Award:Caroline Groden
Distinguished Service CitationSarah Sebesta
Distinguished Service CitationBella Camilli
Distinguished Service CitationCharlotte Pryde
Distinguished Service CitationMia Mervin
Paragon Editor AwardRivers Kolesear
Inkblots Editor In Chief AwardLani Liang
Dragon Award in Academics 9th GradeHenry Wing
Dragon Award in Academics 10th GradeJack Anderson
Dragon Award in Academics 11th GradePage Taylor
Dragon Award in Academics 12th GradeThaw Linn Thit
Citizenship Awards 9th Grade Vika Khoneneva
Citizenship Awards 9th Grade Lucas Frome
Citizenship Awards 10th Grade Ana Lee
Citizenship Awards 10th Grade Gonzalo Bernot-Lopez
Citizenship Awards 11th Grade Mason Wagner
Citizenship Awards 11th Grade Carlos Calderon
Top Scholar 9th GradeUlysses Hsu
Top Scholar 10th Grade Laura Henriquez
Top Scholar 11th Grade Daniel Milan
ValedictorianMalia Davis
Cum Laude-JuniorsPakal, Aditya
Cum Laude-JuniorsAskin, Elizabeth
Cum Laude-JuniorsRana, Maudood
Woodridge Scholar AwardSam Knight
To view photos of the evening and winners, click here:

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