Creating a foundation for lifelong learning is at the heart of The John Cooper School libraries. The library program is designed to promote quality academic and recreational multimedia and reading for students and to provide instructional support to the faculty.

Librarians in each library teach research, information literacy, and digital citizenship through the curriculum. The library resources and professional staff help students learn to become independent locators, evaluators, curators, and users of information in order to solve problems, gather knowledge, and satisfy their curiosity.

Cooper is served by three libraries: the Lower School Library, the Edone Library in the Middle School, and the Bourque Library in the Upper School. Together these libraries house more than 30,000 print and non-print materials. The collections include multicultural and multiethnic literature and works suitable for the challenging educational environment of a college preparatory school.

Computers for student use are available in every library, giving access to our online catalogs and Internet resources. The Middle and Upper School Libraries provide subscriptions to online encyclopedias, electronic books, and 65 online research databases that offer primary source documents and articles from thousands of magazines, scholarly journals, and newspapers.