Middle School Summer Programs

Leaders In Training Camps

8:30 am - 3:30 pm  ·  Fee $145-$175  ·  Rising 6th-8th Grades  ·  Weeks 1-5 

The Leaders in Training program offers qualified young people an opportunity to prepare for future positions as camp counselors, recreation leaders, or babysitters. Emphasis is placed on developing leadership skills, sensitivity to children, and programmatic skills. Campers participate in CPR, first-aid, and emergency training and receive a certificate upon program completion. Additional activities for the Leaders in Training include weekly field trips and community service opportunities.

Academic Offerings

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  • Computer Animation Using Maya · Week 4

    9:00 am - 12:00 pm  ·  Fee $225  ·  Rising 6th-8th Grades
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Animation. This course is an introduction to the animation software Maya by Autodesk. Maya is one of the ultimate tools for 3D animation, films, and video games. In this class we'll get you acquainted with the software, show you how to navigate the interface, and teach you how to manipulate polygonal objects. We will go over the basics of user interface, modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering in Maya. Students will create 3D objects and environments for basic animations.
  • Critical Thinking & Reading · Weeks 2-3

    10:05 - 11:35 am  ·  Fee $295  ·  Rising 6th-8th Grades
    This class will improve your child’s reading comprehension and encourage the development of critical thinking skills. Fun activities will challenge students’ problem-solving
    skills and teach them to research answers to questions and problems. Students will read from a wide variety of sources and learn strategies to analyze text and glean important information while reading.

  • Introduction to Algebra I · Weeks 2-3

    8:30 - 10:00 am  ·  Fee $320  ·  Rising 8th-9th Grades
    This two week class will present basic algebraic concepts to prepare students for Algebra I. Students will participate in a variety of hands-on activities to develop their grasp of the concepts covered. The emphasis will be on the understanding of balancing and factoring of equations and learning to use the steps of the equations to solve the problem. This class is designed for students in need of practice and reinforcement of general algebraic concepts. In addition to work done in class, students will be given extra enrichment packets for practicing math problems at home.
  • Introduction to Geometry · Weeks 2-3

    10:05 - 11:35 am  ·  Fee $320  ·  Rising 8th-10th Grades
    This two week course is designed to be taken by students who would like to be introduced to some of the major topics they will be covering in Geometry. Students will study deductive reasoning, points, lines, planes, congruence, and parallel lines. The course will emphasize understanding of two-column, geometric proofs. This introduction will give students practice and basic skill building.
  • Photography 101 · Weeks 2&3

    9:30 am - 11:00 am  ·  Fee $225  ·  Rising 6th-8th Grades
    Bring your own camera! Whether you own an DSLR camera or an iPhone, this course covers all the fundamentals of photocomposition in order to take better digital pictures with any camera you own! Students will explore photography techniques such as leading lines, repetition, unique angles, and framing through hands-on demonstrations and mini-field trips. No prior experience is necessary; just bring your own camera.
    *Each Camp is one week.  Register for both and pay only $375. Just enter discount code: "Photo* if you regsiter for both offerings.
  • Pre-Algebra: Fundamentals · Week 4

    9:30 - 11:30 am  ·  Fee $235  ·  Rising 6th-8th Grades
    This course will develop pre-algebra concepts through review, hands-on activities, and games. Students will gain confidence with fractions and mixed numbers, negative numbers, solving various types of equations, proportions and percents, number relationships, and parts of plane geometry.
  • Shark Tank for Middle Schoolers · Weeks 4 & 5

    12:30 - 3:30 pm  ·  Fee $285  ·  Rising 6th-8th Grades
    Ever wondered what it takes to think like an entrepreneur? This week long course will serve as a general introduction to entrepreneurship as offered in the Upper School curriculum. Students will work in groups to develop skills in ideation, prototype creation, design thinking, and business plan development. Ultimately, participants will do short pitches at their own Shark Tank to practice public speaking. Students that completed the Upper School course and participated in their own Shark Tank will serve as facilitators for this offering.
  • Web Design · Week 5

    9:00 am - 12:00 pm  ·  Fee $225  ·  Rising 6th-8th Grades
    Have you ever wondered how to make you own webpage? In this class, you will learn how to design websites. Students will use Adobe Photoshop to create custom graphics for the site. Each student will learn safety tips for completing the site and appropriateness of a website. This course will also teach students how to create color schemes, logos, font/text, graphics, sound, video and photography for  a customized, personal website. You’ll impress your friends with your new creation.
  • Writers Workshop · Weeks 2-3

    8:30-10:00 am  ·  Fee $295  ·  Rising 6th-8th Grades
    For both the talented and the less-experienced writer, writing can be challenging and fulfilling at the same time. In this course, students will enhance their creative writing skills as they go through the writing process of brainstorming, drafting, peer editing, revising, final editing, and final drafting. Students will learn the basics of how to construct well-written expository and creative papers. Laptops will be used throughout the course as students work through the writing process on each piece written.


Jay Woodruff

Director of Auxiliary Programs

281-367-0900 ext. 2515

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Camp Schedule 2020

Week 1:  May 26 - May 29
Week 2:  June 1 - June 5
Week 3:  June 8 - June 12
Week 4:  June 15 - June 19
Week 5:  June 22 - June 26