Upper School

The Upper School provides students authentic opportunities to pursue an engaging and challenging college-prep course of study in a liberal arts tradition. The program invites students to take challenging academic classes, empowers them to think creatively and critically, and affords them the opportunity to discover their own interests while participating in a variety of enriching co- and extra-curricular activities. The paramount goals are to graduate students who are prepared for the challenge of college study and who have a love for learning that will sustain throughout college and into adult life.

The Upper School advisory program provides a framework for each student to receive individual support and guidance from a caring faculty member. Students are advised in choosing their curriculum, organizing and balancing their responsibilities, developing decision-making skills, and preparing for all aspects of the application processes associated with college admission. College counseling begins in earnest in eleventh grade, when each junior begins individualized collegiate planning with a college counselor and continues the process through the senior year.

Activities and student organizations underscore the values of the Upper School by emphasizing respect, personal responsibility, and service to others. Students in the Upper School adhere to an Honor Code and are expected to act with integrity both in and out of the classroom. The academic and non-academic offerings of the Upper School help develop students’ personal values, foster an intellectual curiosity and broadened perspective, and accentuate the importance of inclusivity, diversity, and community.

Graduation Requirements

English: 4 years
World Languages: 3 consecutive years of French or Spanish
Social Science: 3 years (World 1, World 2, and US History or Advanced Placement US History)
Mathematics: 3 years from entry course in Grade 9
Science: 3 years (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)
Physical Education: 2 years
Fine Arts: 2 years
Additional Electives: 2 years