Team Championships

2023   SPC Boys Tennis
2022   SPC 3A Football
2022   SPC Boys Tennis
2021   SPC 3A Football
2019   SPC Boys Swimming
2015   SPC Boys Golf
2014 SPC Girls Swimming
2013 SPC Girls Swimming
2012 SPC Girls Swimming
2011 SPC Girls Swimming
2010 SPC Girls Cross Country
2010 SPC Girls Swimming
2008 SPC Boys Swimming
2006 SPC Boys Basketball
2004 SPC Girls Cross Country
2004 TAPPS Girls Soccer
2003 TAPPS Girls Cross Country
2003 TAPPS Boys Cross Country
2002 TAPPS Boys Cross Country
2002 TAPPS Girls Cross Country
2000 TAPPS Boys Tennis
1999 TAPPS Girls Cross Country
1999 TAPPS Boys Tennis
1998 TAPPS Boys Golf
1996 TAPPS Boys Golf
1995 TAPPS Boys Golf
1994 TAPPS Boys Golf
1993 TAPPS Boys Tennis
1992 TAPPS Girls Tennis

Individual Champions

List of 6 items.

  • Cross Country

    2014  Pedro Nasta
    2013  Pedro Nasta
    2012  Pedro Nasta
    2011  Pedro Nasta
    2010  Mackenzie Kimler
    2005  Nicole Mericle
    2004  Nicole Mericle
    2003  Nicole Mericle
    2003  Jody Broccoli-Hickey
    2002  Nicole Mericle
    2001  Lauren Murphy
  • Golf

    2022  Tillie Claggett
    2019  Christopher McDonald
    2017  Ben Wong
    2012  Matthew Barth
    1996  Alex Shindeldecker
    1995  Alex Shindeldecker
    1995  Alyssa Munger
    1994  Andrea Lopez
  • Swimming & Diving

    Swimming & Diving Individual Champions
    2024 Morgan Robson1m Diving
    2024 Monica Ianeva100yd Breaststroke
    2023 Morgan Robson1m Diving
    2023 Diego Burgos1m Diving
    2023 Monica Ianeva100yd Breaststroke
    2022 Morgan Robson1m Diving
    2022 Diego Burgos1m Diving
    2020 Christopher Seymour100yd Fly
    2020 Adelaide Herman1m Diving
    2020 Christopher Seymour200yd Medley
    2019 Campbell Wolford50yd Freestyle
    2019 Christopher Seymour100yd Fly
    2019 Adelaide Herman1m Diving
    2018 William Staebel200yd Freestyle
    2018 Christopher Seymour500yd Freestyle
    2017 Grace Ritch100yd Butterfly
    2017 Grace Ritch200yd Freestyle
    2017Maddy Sinkovic100yd Backstroke
    2017 Christopher Seymour100yd Butterfly
    2016  Grace Ritch100yd Butterfly
    2016  Grace Ritch500yd Freestyle
    2015  Kelsey Vetalice200yd Freestyle
    2015Kelsey Vetalice500yd Freestyle
    2014Kelsey Vetalice200yd Freestyle
    2014Kelsey Vetalice500yd Freestyle
    2014Carly Pratt100yd Backstroke
    2014Carly Pratt200yd Individual Medley
    2014Ryan Sharkey500yd Freestyle
    2014Gordon Allan100yd Freestyle
    2014Gordon Allan200yd Freestyle
    2013Kelsey Vetalice200yd Freestyle
    2013Kelsey Vetalice500yd Freestyle
    2013Carly Pratt100yd Backstroke
    2013Ryan Sharkey500yd Freestyle
    2012Meaghan Wisenbaker 100yd Breaststroke
    2012Kelsey Vetalice500yd Freestyle
    2012Meaghan Wisenbaker100yd Butterfly
    2012Carly Pratt100yd Backstroke
    2012Carly Pratt200yd Individual Medley
    2012Ediz Yildirimer500yd Freestyle
    2012Ediz Yildirimer100yd Freestyle
    2011Catherine Rash500yd Freestyle
    2011Ediz Yildirimer500yd Freestyle
    2011Ediz Yildirimer200yd Freestyle
    2010Ediz Yildirimer500yd Freestyle
    2010Mackenzie Anderson200yd Individual Medley
    2010Catherine Rash500yd Freestyle
    2008Colin Nelson200yd Individual Medley
    2008Zac Mijares-Shafai100yd Freestyle
    2008Bryce Poeter100yd Backstroke
    2008James May100yd Breaststroke
    2007Zac Mijares-Shafai100yd Freestyle
    2007Zac Mijares-Shafai200yd Freestyle
    2007James May100yd Breaststroke
    2007James May200yd Individual Medley
    2007Colin Nelson500yd Freestyle
    2007Kristin Darwin200yd Freestyle
    2006Zac Mijares-Shafai100yd Freestyle
    2006Zac Mijares-Shafai200yd Freestyle
    2006Zac Mijares-Shafai400yd Freestyle Relay
    2006Colin Nelson400yd Freestyle Relay
    2006Gerardo Mijares-Shafai  400yd Freestyle Relay
    2006James May100yd Butterfly
    2006James May200yd Individual Medley
    2006James May400yd Free Relay
    2006Kristin Darwin100yd Butterfly
    2006Kristin Darwin200yd Freestyle
    2005Colin Nelson100yd Breaststroke
    2005Gerardo Mijares-Shafai50yd Freestyle
    2005Kristin Darwin100yd Butterfly
    2005Kristin Darwin200yd Individual Medley
    2004Kristin Darwin100yd Butterfly
    2004Christina Cordaro1m Diving

    Swimming Relay Event Champions
    2020 Caitlin Lanigan, Tillie Claggett, Jane Ritch, & Lauren Cordes200yd Medley
    2019 Vidyal Pradeepkumar, Mitchell Shannon, Henry Shea, & Campbell Wolford200yd Freestyle
    2019 Henry Shea, William Staebel, Campbell Wolford, & Christopher Seymour400yd Freestyle
    2018 Campbell Wolford, Vidyal Pradeepkumar, William Staebel, & Christopher Seymour400yd Freestyle
    2018 Vidyal Pradeepkumar, William Staebel, Christopher Seymour, & Campbell Wolford200yd Medley
    2017 Lauren Cordes, Grace Ritch, Jane Ritch, & Maddy Sinkovic200yd Freestyle
    2017 Lauren Cordes, Grace Ritch, Jane Ritch, & Maddy Sinkovic200yd Medley
    2015  Grace Ritch, Meredith Brus, Sydney Shannon, & Kelsey Vetalice200yd Freestyle
    2015Grace Ritch, Meredith Brus, Sydney Shannon, & Kelsey Vetalice400yd Freestyle
    2014Carly Pratt, Grace Ritch, Katie-Li Walker, & Kelsey Vetalice400yd Freestyle
    2014Kendall Anderson, Caitlyn Pratt, Sydney Shannon, & Grace Ritch200yd Freestyle
    2014Carly Pratt, Caitlyn Pratt, Katie-Li Walker, & Kelsey Vetalice200yd Medley
    2013Madeline Bliss, Katrin Gallup, Carly Pratt, & Kelsey Vetalice400yd Freestyle
    2013Katie-Li Walker, Sydney Shannon, Sarah Darwin, & Madeline Bliss200yd Freestyle
    2013Katrin Gallup, Carly Pratt, Katie-Li Walker, & Kelsey Vetalice200yd Medley
    2012Carly Pratt, Kelsey Vetalice, Katie-Li Walker, & Meaghan Wisenbaker400yd Freestyle
    2012Kendall Anderson, Carly Pratt, Emma Willingham, & Meaghan Wisenbaker200yd Medley
    2011Kandall Anderson, Madeline Bliss, Sarah Darwin, & Katrin Gallup200yd Freestyle
    2011Milou Lammers, Catherine Rash, Madison Wisenbaker, & Meaghan Wisenbaker400yd Freestyle
    2010Mackenzie Anderson, Milou Lammers, Catherine Rash, & Meaghan Wisenbaker200yd Medley
    2010Mackenzie Anderson, Milou Lammers, Catherine Rash, & Meaghan Wisenbaker400yd Freestyle
    2008James May, Zac Mijares-Shafai Bryce Poeter, & Colin Nelson200yd Medley
    2008Andrew Ghazi, Zac Mijares-Shafai, Colin Nelson, & Bryce Poeter400yd Freestyle
    2007James May, Zac Mijares-Shafai, Colin Nelson, & Bryce Poeter200yd Medley
  • Tennis

    2023  Mahir Khurana
    2000  Jim Shaughnessy
    1999Jim Shaughnessy
    1996Zach Chenault

    2000Martin Anders & Nick Pronsky
    1994Emily Foley & Amanda McDermott
  • Track & Field

    Track & Field Individual Champions
    2024     Milla Signorelli     Pole Vault
    2024     Nico Signorelli      Pole Vault
    2024      Gus Feinberg     High Jump
    2023     Milla Signorelli     Pole Vault
    2023     Nico Signorelli      Pole Vault
    2023      Gus Feinberg     High Jump
    2022     Julianne Hon     Pole Vault
    2022     Nico Signorelli      Pole Vault
    2021      Amarachukwu Oguchi     Shot Put
    2021      Amarachukwu Oguchi     Discus
    2019      Tega Ewherido300m Hurdles
    2018      Obie AmudoTriple Jump
    2018      Gregory GroppellDiscus
    2018      Ebube OguchiShot Put
    2017      Jonathan Goodridge1600m
    2017      Obie AmudoTriple Jump
    2015      Pedro Nasta1600m
    2015Pedro Nasta3200m
    2014Pedro Nasta3200m
    2013Pedro Nasta1600m
    2010Tim Cousins3200m
    2010Tim Cousins1600m
    2010Tim Cousins800m
    2007Justin Bui800m
    2007Lauren Sternick1600m
    2006Meredith Bunkers4x800m
    2006Nicole Mericle4X800m
    2006Kelly Davis4x800m
    2006Lauren Sternick4X800m
    2005Nicole Mericle1600m
    2005Nicole Mericle800m
    2005Nicole Mericle4x800m
    2005Josephine Ganner4x800m
    2005Meredith Bunkers4x800m
    2005Kelly Davis4x800m
    2005Trent Johnson1600m
    2004Nicole Mericle1600m
    2004Nicole Mericle3200m
    2004Inger HalandTriple Jump
    2003Inger Haland4x400m
    2003Rachal Coolidge4x400m
    2003Cassie Meyer4x400m
    2003Nicole Mericle4x400m
    2003Thomas Haland800m
    2002Lauren Murphy1600m
    2002Inger HalandTriple Jump
    2002Thomas Haland1600m
    1997Amanda McDermott   400m
    1996Jamie RoseHigh Jump
    1996Cathy Devore100m
    1996Cathy Devore200m
    1994Derek KingLong Jump
    1994Derek KingTriple Jump

    Track Relay Event Champions
    2022 Vishnu Swaminathan, Carson Hanson, Adam Elsolh, & Drew Wilkerson     4x800m Relay
  • Wrestling

    2001  Cam Urano 125 lbs
    1999  Tim Urano 140 lbs
    1998  Dustin Saxon 152 lbs
    1997  Dustin Saxon 145 lbs
    1996  Chris Graczyk Heavyweight
    1994  Drew Henry Heavyweight
    1994  Patrick Connelly 160 lbs
    1993  Patrick Connelly 152 lbs
    1992  Patrick Connelly 140 lbs
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