Lower School

The Lower School provides students with a solid foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics through a developmentally appropriate, child-centered program. Kindergarten begins a literature-based reading and writing program that continues through twelfth grade. Hands-on science and math activities, along with the study of social studies and geography, Spanish, technology, fine arts, and physical education, round out the Lower School curriculum.

While helping young learners develop strong basic skills, teachers seek to lead their students “from curiosity to wisdom” by fostering a life-long love of learning. By fifth grade, students should be strong, independent readers who can interpret and analyze what they read, express themselves clearly in writing, appreciate mathematics as a way of thinking, and understand the basic principles of scientific inquiry.

Each child is known and valued as an individual. Small classes ensure individualized attention and allow teachers to provide help and enrichment as needed. With an enrollment of approximately 500 students, the Lower School is a community where parents, teachers, and administrators develop close working relationships in the best interest of each student.