Campus Life

Global Education Program

Opportunities to adapt to world languages and cultures while living and learning in a new context
The John Cooper School's Global Education Program offers Upper School students with travel opportunities that are designed to broaden horizons and foster cultural understanding:
  • Explore the World: Students have the unique opportunity to venture beyond classroom walls and immerse themselves in diverse cultures. During the summer, participants travel to various countries and experience local traditions, customs, and lifestyles firsthand.

  • Cultural Exchange: Through homestays, workshops, and guided tours, students engage with local communities, forging lasting connections. They learn about global issues, language nuances, and gain a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity.
The Global Education Program is a transformative journey, where education transcends borders and students become global citizens!

From Curiosity to Wisdom
The John Cooper School is an independent, non-sectarian, co-educational, college preparatory day school. Our mission is to provide a challenging education in a caring environment to a diverse group of select students, enabling them to become critical and creative thinkers, effective communicators, responsible citizens and leaders, and lifelong learners.

The John Cooper School seeks to attract qualified individuals of diverse backgrounds to its faculty, staff, and student body. The School does not discriminate against any individual in admissions, educational programs, personnel policies, general practices, or employment, on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, physical disability, or age.