Upper School Summer Programs

Leaders In Training Camps

8:30 am - 3:30 pm  ·  Fee $150-$180  ·  Rising 9th-10th Grades  ·  Weeks 1-5 

The Leaders in Training program offers qualified young people an opportunity to prepare for future positions as camp counselors, recreation leaders, or babysitters. Emphasis is placed on developing leadership skills, sensitivity to children, and programmatic skills. Campers participate in CPR, first-aid, and emergency training and receive a certificate upon program completion. Additional activities for the Leaders in Training include guest speakers and community service opportunities.

Academic Course Descriptions

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  • Geometry: An Accelerated Credit Course · Weeks 1-8 (May 25-July 16)

    Online - Asynchronous  ·  Fee $795  ·  Rising 9th-12th Grades

    Geometry introduces students to real applications of Algebra and to logical reasoning needed in higher level mathematics courses. The course will consist of deductive and inductive reasoning, basic geometric figures, parallel lines, congruent triangles, quadrilaterals, inequalities, similar polygons, circles, area, volume, coordinate geometry, and transformations. There will be a heavy focus on Algebra throughout the course.  The content of this course will be identical to that found in the standard, year-long course. Material is covered each day in an amount roughly equivalent to five days during the regular school year. This is not a remedial course. This is a highly academic course requiring students to watch 20 to 40 minutes of videos daily, completion and online submission of daily work, weekly graded assignments, and three major exams throughout the 8-week period.  There will be two live help sessions scheduled per week that may be attended online (via zoom) or in-person on campus.
    *Cooper’s Summer Accelerated Geometry will be held online this summer. While most of the course lessons and content will be asynchronous in nature, there will be several opportunities for students to have synchronous meetings each week with the teacher.*

    *This course is open to Cooper students only.
    Successfully completing this course will mean that those students will get credit for Geometry in the upper school. Therefore, this course will count toward the upper school’s three-year math requirement and your grade will count towards your cumulative GPA.
    Students that have completed 9th or 10th grade must have obtained a B average or higher in Algebra 1.
    Students that have completed 8th grade must have; class grade, ERB scores and a placement test administered by Math department at 2nd semester to qualify.
    Cooper Students: To earn credit for this course, students must take all three exams and hold a ‘C’ or better course average at the end of the 8-week course.
    1.  A copy of textbook (available at Cooper bookstore)
    2.  Protractor, ruler, compass, paper, graph paper, pencils, and organizational folders/binder.
    3.  Daily access to a computer, internet, and Zoom.  
    4.  Ability to scan work to pdf format and submit online.
    5.  A TI-Nspire CAS CX calculator (available at Cooper bookstore). 
    Due to the accelerated nature of this course, students must make every effort to complete the assigned activities (videos/homework practice) daily.  Students are required to take three pencil and paper exams at scheduled times via zoom and then submit these exams before leaving zoom.  May 31st and July 5th are recognized as holidays with no required activities.  Class Ends July 16.


  • Introduction to Algebra I · Weeks 2-3

    8:30 - 10:00 am  ·  Fee $290  ·  Rising 8th-9th Grades
    This two week class will present basic algebraic concepts to prepare students for Algebra I. Students will participate in a variety of hands-on activities to develop their grasp of the concepts covered. The emphasis will be on the understanding of balancing and factoring of equations and learning to use the steps of the equations to solve the problem. This class is designed for students in need of practice and reinforcement of general algebraic concepts. In addition to work done in class, students will be given extra enrichment packets for practicing math problems at home.
  • Introduction to Algebra II · Weeks 2-3

    12:05 - 1:35 pm  ·  Fee $290  ·  Rising 10th-12th Grades
    This course will review basic algebraic concepts including a review of algebraic manipulation and an introduction to logarithmic functions, exponential functions, and conic section. This class is designed as an enrichment course for students who have completed Algebra I and/or Geometry and feel a need to practice and build on skills as they move forward to the next math level. Students should take this class if they would like to be introduced to some of the major topics they will be covering in Algebra II.
  • Introduction to Geometry · Weeks 2-3

    10:05 - 11:35 am  ·  Fee $290  ·  Rising 8th-10th Grades
    This two week course is designed to be taken by students who would like to be introduced to some of the major topics they will be covering in Geometry. Students will study deductive reasoning, points, lines, planes, congruence, and parallel lines. The course will emphasize understanding of two-column, geometric proofs. This introduction will give students practice and basic skill building.
    *Students are recommended to have completed Algebra I before taking this offering.*
  • Study Skills for High School · Weeks 2-3

    1:40 - 3:10 pm  ·  Fee $290  ·  Rising 9th-10th Grades
    This two week course will teach the techniques needed to become more focused on homework needs. Students will begin with the basics of how, where, and when to study, and then they will move forward to specific techniques including note-taking, outlining, using index cards, and highlighting. They will also learn how to read for content, extract main ideas from textbooks and lectures, and gather needed information for studying. Laptops are needed for the second week of the course.


Week 1:  May 24 - May 28
Week 2:  June 1 - June 4
Week 3:  June 7 - June 11
Week 4:  June 14 - June 18
Week 5:  June 21 - June 25

Early Bird Discount

Early Bird Discount: Enjoy a $25 discount per camp session if registered before April 1.

Multi-week Discount: Register any camper for 3 or more sessions and receive $25 off each session. Enter discount code Multi to receive this discount.


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