Cooper band members stand out state-wide

The John Cooper School band members represented well in TPSMEA and TMEA.
The John Cooper School Bands represented the School well in recent months, participating in bands with the Texas Private School Music Education Association (TPSMEA) and Texas Music Educators Association (TM

Junior Ian Hou made TMEA’s  6A All State Band for the third consecutive year, a notable feat.
“TMEA is both public and private schools in the state of Texas,” explained Cooper’s Band Director, Tony Yarbrough.

“There are several thousand students auditioning…in each instrument. This makes for around 10,000 flute players, and over 100,000 students trying out. For Ian to make it three times in a row…that makes him one of the top French horn players in the United States.”
Four Upper Schoolers were selected for the TMEA All-Region Band:
Ian Hou
Daniel Milan
Ruyi Wang
Jason Xiao
Both Middle Schoolers Cayson Wang and Luke Milan were selected for the TMEA Middle School Band. Luke Milan’s remarkably high scores also landed him in the TMEA Region Orchestra.  
Cooper’s Band students dominated the TPSMEA region bands.
“In the TPSMEA High School Region Band, Cooper represented over 60 percent of the group,” said Yarbrough. “We made up 75 percent of the TPSMEA Middle School Region Band.”
The All- Region Band weekend took place January 6-7 at Strake Jesuit High School in Houston.
TPSMEA South Zone Middle School Honor Band Members
Raya Al-Aghbar
Rafael Angulo
David Bany
Ian Barrenechea
Michael Basford
Jonas Boone
Britt Williams-Bunts
Luciano Cautilli
Alex Creel
Carson Dunlop
Sebastian Durisek
Pranjal Gupta
Lila Hernandez
Cade Kaiser
Rohan Kansal
Laura Keiser
Thatcher Kennedy
Mina King
Colette Koh
Wyatt Lowrance
Luke Milan
Scarlett Moore
Tucker Pate
Timofey Pavlov
Giulio Pizzini
Liam Reeves
Anna Sims
Hugo Tipler
Marc Valle
Divya Venugopal
Will Victor
Karl Vielma
Julio Fernandez Villareal
Carson Walker
Andy Wang
Cayson Wang
Chris Wang
Caleb Youngblood 
TPSMEA South Zone High School Region Band Members
Jack Anderson
Jaiden Briscoe
Mary Broussard
Ethan Brown
Martin Buberl
Ella Cho
Zachary Diaz
Caden Flowers
Owen Gilroy
JJ Groppe
Zakariya Hashmi
Liam Hebral
Oscar Hollingsworth
Jaden Hou
Ian Hou
Ulysses Hsu
Susannah Keiser
Ben Knight
Sam Knight
Danny Leoro
Nick Mattner
Daniel Milan
Vikaas Mohan
Adam Rana
Amir Rizvi
Leah Ruckman
Nathan Seamans
Dylan Tao
Maddie Wang
Ruyi Wang
Kyle Wang
Hannah Wene
Jason Xiao
Suri Yang
Shiney Yu 
Seventeen Upper School Band members were selected for this year’s TPSMEA All-State Band.
“We have some really great kids,” said Yarbrough. These students will travel to Dallas to perform with other band students across Texas from January 25-28.
Upper School Band members selected for the 2022-2023 TPSMEA All-State Band:
Ella Cho
Zachary Diaz
Caden Flowers
Owen Gilroy
Zakariya Hashmi
Liam Hebral
Jaden Hou
Ian Hou
Sam Knight
Tim Lu (all-state jazz)
Daniel Milan
Vikaas Mohan
Adam Rana
Lilly Vernon (all-state orchestra)
Ruyi Wang
Jason Xiao
Suri Yang 
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