A Message from the Head of School

Mr. Maher Shares Sentiments Regarding Recent Events

The John Cooper School was saddened and distressed to learn last week of the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd, for which four Minneapolis police officers have been criminally charged. The School has expressed its deepest sympathies to Mr. Floyd’s family, and we also wish to extend our support to the Black families and employees in our own school community.
Over the past two weeks, citizens of various races and ethnicities have been gathering for peaceful protests, mourning the death of Mr. George Floyd and others like him, and pleading for the citizenry and local, state, and national leaders to more aggressively and definitively address the persistent issues of systemic racism and racial injustice in our country.  Based on Cooper’s own strong belief in and commitment to diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination, the School supports these nationwide efforts to foster unity, peace, and justice for all. 
As our community mourns this senseless loss of life, this is also a time for us to reflect on how we can do better. In that spirit I ask that we pledge to work together to empower our students to advocate for understanding and cooperation and to disavow prejudice, stereotypes, and injustice of all kinds. We understand that this is challenging work, and we will continue to educate our students, faculty, and staff through diversity and equity activities and programs. To the extent that we can strengthen our own community’s culture of inclusivity, and help our students experience and model safety, respect, and acceptance, we may contribute in a small but meaningful way toward eradicating racial injustice for current and future generations.
–Michael F. Maher, Head of School