Spring Sports Start Strong

Results from the week of February 18


2/23 vs. Concordia Lutheran

Coach Scott Holland: Otega Amudo set a school record in the Discus. This was a great opportunity to get everyone competing and have a mark to see where we are at this time.

Boys’ Results

100M: 4th Jack O’Riordan (12.23), 8th Steven Lum (12.85), Jean-Paul Labbe (13.12), Grant Wilson (13.28), Allen Arani (13.39), Melvin Williams (13.70), James Donald (15.00)
200M: 3rd: Jackson Kovin (24.40), 4th Tani Bassir (24.70), 6th Mehdi Rizvi (25.35), 9th Sam Lyons (25.63), 10th Tega Ewherido (25.68), Steven Lum (26.65), Jean-Paul Labbe (27.04), Allen Arani (27.35), James Donald (31.80), Grant Wilson (31.80)
800M: 1st Andrew Wilkerson (2:11.50), 3rd Andrew Mahler (2:12.80), 4th Andrew Sos (2:22.47), 5th Alex Everson (2:22.77), 6th Carson Hanson (2:32.40), 8th Morgan Davis (2:48.63)
1600M: 1st Joey Rudnicki (5:31.62), 2nd Brian Ross (5:32.35), Brian Mekelburg (5:40.05), 4th Nick Cartwright (5:44.42)
300M Hurdles-36”: 4th Zac Winton (50.42), 5th Travis Birdsall (51.48), 6th Francis Liu (1:06.53)
4x400 Relay: 3rd Carson Hanson, Andrew Wilkerson, Andrew Mahler, Alex Everson (4:00.15), 4th Jackson Kovin, Mehdi Rizvi, Zac Winton, Tani Bassir (4:08.12)
Shot Put-12 lb: 4th Ben Currin (32-07.75), 5th Kase Harris (32-05.50), 6th Will Corson (31-06.50), 9th Dai Shen Dai (25-10.00), 10th Connor Koch (25-08.50)
Discus-1.6kg: 2nd Ben Currin (108-02), 4th Kase Harris (102-07), 6th Connor Koch (82-07), 9th Dai Shen Dai (73-08), 10th Will Corson (63-00)
High Jump: 1st Jack O’Riordan (5-10.00)
Long Jump: 3rd Jack O’Riordan (17-08.00), 4th Jean-Paul Labbe (16-09.50), 5th Steven Lum (15-09.00), 6th Melvin Williams (14-07.50)

Girls’ Results

100M: 7th Brooke Taylor (14.75), Saylor Hark (15.76), Elena Khan (16.31)
200M: Saylor Hark (33.45)
800M: 3rd Caroline Muhith (2.55.01), 4th Maiana Hebral (3:07.28), 5th Aleena Fayaz (3:11.52)
1600M: 1st Abby Mendenhall (5.59.60)
100M Hurdles-33”: 2nd Rebecca Juranek (21.97), 3rd Nancy Lee (22.06)
300M Hurdles-30”: 4th Kirsten Brighton (1:01.33), 5th Nancy Lee (1:07.33), 6th Rebecca Juranek (1:17.45)
Shot Put-4 kg: 1st: Amara Oguchi (33-00.00), 2nd Otega Amudo (30-06.75)
Discus-1kg: 1st Otega Amudo (114-00) *school record,  2nd Amara Oguchi (112-05)
High Jump: 2nd Brooke Taylor (4-06.00)
Long Jump: 1st Maddy Sinkovic (8-06.00)

2/23 at The Woodlands High School Invitational

Gregory Groppell 3rd in Discus with new school record
Uche Oguchi, 3rd–800M
Ava Minarovic, 4th–1600M

Next up for Dragon Track & Field:

3/1-2 at St. John’s Maverick Relays
3/7 at Dan Green Invitational, The Woodlands High School


2/19 vs. St. Pius • 17-8 WIN
Logan Leax–5 RBIs and a HR

2/21 JCS Round Robin vs. St. Thomas • 10-5 WIN

2/22 JCS Round Robin vs. Cypress Christian • 3-1 LOSS

2/23 JCS Round Robin vs. Northland Christian • 10-2 WIN

Coach Mike Williams: Evan Minarovic 4-10 on the weekend, Jacob Rebrook, 4-9 on the weekend, Callum Burton 4-10 on the weekend.

Next up for Dragon Boys’ Baseball:
2/26 at St. Thomas H.S., 6:30 p.m.
3/5 vs. Aldine High School, 6:30 p.m.
3/7 at St. Pius X Tournament vs. Northland Christian, 10 a.m.
3/8 at St. Pius X Tournament vs. Lutheran North, 4 p.m.
3/8 at St. Pius X Tournament vs. St. Pius X, 7 p.m.
3/9 at St. Pius X Tournament vs. Cypress Christian, 4 p.m.


2/19 vs. Incarnate Word • 18-8 LOSS
The Dragons lost the lead early in the game and couldn’t recover even with a four-run third inning. Alex Sims, Olivia Amador, Jenna Braun, and Emily Hamer, all sent runners across the plate with RBIs in the inning. Peyton Lien, Hamer, Allie Ronchetto, Flinn, Marion Donald, Meghan Cloninger, and Braun each collected one hit to lead the charge. The Dragons had seven stolen bases with Donald leading with two.

2/22 vs. Frassati • 12-2 WIN
Alex Sims drove in four on three hits to lead the Dragons past Frassati 12-2. Sims drove in runs on a single in the second, a single in the fourth, and a single in the fifth.
Olivia Amador started the Dragons off with a single on a 1-0 count, scoring one run. A three run rally in the fifth kept the momentum going, led by by singles by Meghan Cloninger and Sims. Cooper tallied 14 hits with multiple hits by Ally Flinn, Sims, Cloninger and Emily Hamer.
Pitcher Ally Flinn went five innings allowing two runs on three hits and striking out three.
The Dragons had no errors and Amador made the most plays with six.

Next up for Dragon Girls’ Softball:
2/28-3/2 hosting The John Cooper Softball Round Robin:
2/28 Round Robin vs. Frassati, 3 p.m.
3/2 Round Robin vs. KIPP Generations, 9 a.m.
3/2 Round Robin vs. Concordia Lutheran, 1:30 p.m.

Next up for Dragon Golf:
2/25 Kinkaid at Blackhorse Golf Club
3/3-4 St. John’s Tournament at Wolfdancer Golf Club


2/19 vs. Woodlands Christiancanceled

2/22 at Episcopal Tournament
Savan Khurana - finalist line 2 singles
Jared Ramirez and Omar Suki - winner consolation bracket line 1 doubles
Marielle Sauber - winner consolation bracket line 1 singles
Olivia Sauber and Vandana Venkatesh - winner consolation bracket line 1 doubles
Haley Hinch and Bri Leavitt - winner consolation bracket line 2 doubles

Next up for Dragon Tennis:
3/19 vs. Awty, 4 p.m.
3/22 at Chancellor’s Tournament

February 28
Girls’ Softball, JCS Round Robin vs. Frassati, 3 p.m.
Boys’ Baseball vs. Aldine High School, 6:30 p.m.
March 2
Girls’ Softball, JCS Round Robin vs. KIPP Generations, 9 a.m.
Girls’ Softball, JCS Round Robin vs. Concordia Lutheran, 1:30 p.m.
March 5
Boys’ Baseball vs. Aldine High School, 6:30 p.m.