Upper School Ethics Bowl Competes at Rice in Regionals

Argument-based Analysis Competition Emphasizes Dialogue and Civility

On February 1, The John Cooper School Ethics Bowl Team competed with students from area high schools at the Houston High School Ethics Bowl, a regional competition hosted by Rice University’s Philosophy Department.
The teams competed in an argument-based analysis of ethical case studies that emphasizes dialogue and civility among participants. Rice faculty, graduate students, and alumni serve as judges and moderators of the competition.
Claire Glymph, Anjali Gulasingam, Adelaide Herman, Sarah Mittelman, Alessandra Ramirez and Rishi Wahi participated in multiple rounds of head-to-head competition. Rice faculty, graduate students and alumni served as judges and moderators.
Will Garland, who is the faculty advisor along with Stephen Hebert, provided a general sense of the range of topics the team faced, such as: the moral considerations that should be made when sharing images of tragedy and suffering; whether teenagers should be forced to undergo chemotherapy; and whether punching a neo-Nazi is ever a morally justifiable action.”
The Cooper team finished in third place after competing in the championship round against Westwood High School.