French Students Compete in 2019 French Symposium

Capture Ninth Place Overall in State Competition
Congratulations to the team of Upper School students who competed in the 2019 Texas French Symposium on March 22 and 23. The Cooper team, accompanied by French teachers Carmela Popovici and Jodie Gill, placed ninth overall from among 34 schools that competed at Plano East High School in the Dallas area.
French 1, 2, 3 and 4 students competed in events such as poetry recitation, drama solo, guided speaking and vocal solo, in addition to tests on grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension and civilization.
Cooper’s BAC team (an event similar to a quiz bowl competition) consisting of Alle Gahr, Angali Gulasingam, Lucas Comanici and Rishi Wahi qualified for the competition rounds of BAC. The French 4 class submitted a video, written, directed, acted, filmed and editing by the class that captured fifth place for the team of Paige Cromley, Karina Guerrero, Pavitra Kotecha, Ellie Petersen, Nicholas Sepulveda, Sebastian Vaughn and Rishi Wahi.
“The majority of the students who competed earned points for the team by making it to semi-final rounds and many to final rounds, which is why it was truly a team effort of all who competed,” Gill explained. French 4 student Rishi Wahi won the most individual and team points; first on Civilization test, second in guide speaking, and third place on Vocabulary test and Prose.
Students who also placed first in their respective competitions include Anjali Gulasingam (Drama Solo), Cathy Zhang (Digital Art & Media) and French AP student Emily Cooper who was unable to attend, but earned first place in the Project category for her 3D art.
Team members who earned points for the team by placing in the top six places for a category included Annabelle Ross (3rd in Bande Dessinée Level 3); fourth place finishers Godfin (Dicté), Allie Gahr and Yulia Smarovozova (Drama Solo), Annabelle Ross (Charcoal/Pencil), Amelia Solomon (Pastel/Colored Pencil) and Karina Guerrero (Acrylic & Oil); fifth place finishers Lucas Comanici and Daniela Palazuelos (Civilization test) and Lucas Comanici who placed sixth on Vocabulary test.