Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition & Fee Schedule for 2020-21

Prekindergarten: $23,300
Kindergarten:  $23,300
Grades 1-5:    $25,660
Grades 6-8:    $27,640
Grades 9-12:  $28,790

One-time new student registration fee: $1,000

Textbooks & Class Trips

Students in grades 6-12 purchase textbooks online from the Follett Bookstore; the cost of textbooks usually ranges from $500 - $800.

Class trips are offered annually for students in grades 6-9 and range in cost from approximately $350 for ninth grade, $575 for sixth grade, $750 for seventh grade, and $1,900 for the eighth grade trip to Washington DC. The cost of school trips is not included in tuition.

Financial Aid Policies

  • All financial aid is based on a family’s demonstrated financial need; the school does not award merit scholarships based on academic, athletic, or other student talents or achievements.
  • For a student who is also applying for admission to Cooper, the financial aid decision will be sent upon notification by the Admission Office that the student has been offered admission. Parents will not be required to make an enrollment decision until the school issues the financial aid decision.
  • For a student who attended Cooper in 2020-21, a re-enrollment contract and $300 deposit for 2021-22 must be submitted before a financial aid decision can be made.
  • The school keeps all financial aid information confidential; it is requested that applicant families also honor that confidentiality.
  • Financial aid is awarded on an annual basis; a new financial aid application must be filed each year, even if the family received financial aid the previous school year.
  • The school begins issuing financial aid awards in March and continues until the financial aid budget is fully expended.
  • The school does not hold funds in reserve for families who received financial aid the previous year.
  • Financial aid for 2021-22 will not be awarded to a current Cooper family that has a delinquent tuition balance.

2021-22 Financial Aid Procedures - Deadline: March 1, 2021

1.  October 2, 2020: Start a School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS) application. When you submit the form, you will be charged $51 by SSS.
  • Cooper's identification number for this application is 4225
  • By picking The John Cooper School in Step 5 of the application process, you indicate you want to apply for financial aid for 2021-22
  • Do not send or upload your 2020 Federal Income Tax Forms or W-2 Forms to SSS.

2.  AFTER January 1, 2021: Securely upload to the website or deliver to the Lower School Receptionist the following:
  • A copy of all W-2 Forms for 2020
  • A signed and dated copy of your 2020 IRS 1040 Federal Income Tax Form, including all supporting schedules. If your 2020 taxes are not ready by March 1, send them as soon after that date as you can. Your financial aid application will not be reviewed until the school receives your 2020 tax return.

Financial Aid Frequenly Asked Questions

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